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Juice On!

I care about the health of all my friends here on FB and at work so I want to share some knowledge about the power of veggies in your diet!

If you or someone you know has cancer, diabetes, migraines, high cholesterol, or any kind of health issue I urge you to watch this documentary on Netflix. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead has got me tied to veggies more than I ever have in my life. If you knew me growing up, and even today, I was always a picky eater. now it’s changed for the better after seeing this, and I want to share these things that I have learned along the way.

I hear stories every other day at work about people sick and diagnosed to live 6 months and they live 2 yrs more! It’s amazing what pure veggies can do. Even organics as well. If there wasn’t any technology about how to “process” food, we would be eating fruits and veggies.
Give fruits and veggies a go or even juice them. They won’t kill you.


The Importance of Getting Swabbed

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In the past few months I’ve learned of some friends that have silently been going through the pains of chemotherapy. Shocked just as they are, I decided to become aware of the things they needed. Bone Marrow. I was at an event held at Sunset Station and DKMS was set up at a table getting people swabbed.

It was simple and clean. They approached you with the idea that a simple swab from the inside of your cheeks would be able to identify you as a participant for bone marrow transplants and donations. It was free and easy to sign up. Imagine how you can feel about helping others with just a simple swab. I encourage you to do so whenever you have the chance and be informed of donating bone marrow. Dont let it be long for your health or the health of your loved ones and friends to find out how you can help.

Veg Chart

What vitamins do your veggies have?