June First Friday

June”s First Friday sale was awesome! Metallic Beat checked in at the Jalapeno off South Flores and Durango where there was bands, Blue Moon and Miller High Life beers, vendors selling art and jewelry, and a mobile kitchen parked on the grounds.

Next was good ole Blue Star and a check in at the Bike Shop. It turned into a free for all as soon as someone said, “where them earrings at?”  Happening now and always every time you purchase any 2 items from Metallic Beat, you will save $5. Find me on First Fridays and you will save double if not more! If at anytime you feel unhappy with a product, contact Brittany at metallicbeat@gmail.com and I will fix the problem. Feel comfort in knowing you are purchasing a quality product from Metallic Beat! All earrings are made by hand and may have few color changes; beads may be dark at top instead of at the bottom, but will be the color scheme of your choice.

Girls get your earrings on and Boys get ’em for your girl! Thank you to all who made it out to the First Friday Beat Sale! Stay tuned for July’s First Friday event with new designs and a Firecracker of a weekend sale. July’s FF is the 1st followed by the 2nd annual Cogs and Stripes Alleycat-San Antonio happening at the Blue Star Arts Complex! Check out last year’s edit by Danny and Bryson!

Feel the Beat!


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